Test ride in the hills

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We went out for a testride this afternoon. Brazilian rider Ze Helio had never ridden the Husaberg, so for him it was a new experience. It’s been a year since I rode the Husaberg, and felt a bit uncomfortable getting back on it. Did some adjustment on the suspension to make it smoother.

Somewhere out there Garry and Ze made turn that I didn’t see, and the group was split. Me and Henrik continued along the track and after a while hit the asphalt. We realized this was not right. As we were calling Garry on the mobile, Magnus called from the airport and had just arrived. So Henrik and I decided to try find our way back to the cars on our own – and we did!! An hour later we picked up Magnus at the airport, and Garry called in – he was back again!

One thought on “Test ride in the hills

    Lena Hagbohm said:
    2010/09/15 at 18:03

    Lycka till Annie!
    Hoppas verkligen att du får en spännande resa och ett fartfyllt rally.Följer dej på bloggen hela rallyt..
    Kör som Pippi.


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