Ceremonial start of the Australasian Safari Rally

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Waiting in the shade for scrutineering

It has been a busy day today. Already at 10 am me and Brazilian top rider Ze Helio had to be at the press meeting for TV and interviews with press. Yesterday we also did some press. Ofcourse we are popular here, coming from far away to race down under. Besides the majority of Australian riders, there are competitors form Japan and China also.

Top Aussie riders are:
 #1 Jacob Smith, winner of Safari 2009, who is also prepping for Dakar 2011.
#2 Todd Smith, 2nd in Safari 2009, brother of winner Jacob.
#3 Ben Grabham, 3rd in Safari 2009, bur has won the Safari several times. Team mate of Todd Smith in the KTM team.

Ze Helio and me at the press meeting

The team has been prepping a couple of days now, finalizing the bikes and loading the assistance truck. We have a very good spirit, and are called the “happy team” in the bivouac. Richie Nyhouse is the head chief mechanic, supervising our personal mechanics. I have my Henrik as mechanic, Magnus is for Ze, Bryan of Seadoo West who has built all the bikes is mechanic for Garry. You can read Magnus rally backstage blog on http://rallybackstage.wordpress.com/

At lunch we had the riders briefing, and then we headed back to the bivouac to get ready for the ceremonial start down the Perth Harbour.

All the race vehicles were lined up for show. At 6pm we rolled, one by one, through the arch at the starting podium. Tonight everybody could feel the eager to go rally!!

Tomorrow all the competitors head for the race prologue in Southern Cross. This will determine the starting order for the first rally stage. Follow the race on the official Australasian Safari Rally website www.australasiansafari.com, they are also on Facebook

TV and press interviews

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