Leg 2: Winner class, 10th position general #Rally Estonia

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We had a great day today! Starting this morning in 11th position, behind very fast and powerful cars like Audi Quattro, Porsche, Opel 400, Ford Escort, Lancia Integrale… And the two first morning stages were very fast and flowing. I expected maybe some of the faster cars catching up. But my strategy was to keep focusing on pace notes and let the car flow with the track. The pace notes I’ve been using are a new system from Jemba, that worked better and better the faster I drove.

Actually driving quicker and not loosing too much time. One Escort in front had mechanical trouble and dropped out, so I was in 10th place!

I am very happy in this my first European championship to finish in 10th position general, and also winning my class 1300 cc.

It was a great result for all Swedish drivers:
1. Johnsen/Johnsen
2. Myrsell/Junttila
5. Jansson/Dawidsson
10. Seel/Sundh
11. Renstål/Westlund

Super big thanks to my codriver Marcus Sundh and team mechanics Benny Öberg and Kjell Lundberg. We’ve had a clean race from day one.

And thanks to my team partners WoodTech AB, Årets Bilsport, Krutcupen, Trygg Racing and G-partners.
And thanks to Team Killer Starlet supporters!


Presskonferens: Annie Seel goes #Dakar2015

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Idag höll jag presskonferens inför min historiska start i Dakarrallyt 4 jan 2015.
Intresset var stort och alla “stora” media har gjort intervjuer.

Lyssna på radio P4 Extra när Lasse Bengtsson intervjuar mig: