Dakar 2009

Here are some pictures. Header & publishing date to the article. You find all reports with more pictures in the calendar January 2009.

The “new” Dakar has changed destination, we will now explore South America, a coast-to-coast challenge from Argentina to Chile and back again. Since the cancellation of Dakar 2008, I have worked hard to be able to take the start again.
And also thanks to my sponsors. This year I will again ride a KTM 525 (partly my old from Dakar 2007) equipped with a special rally kit from Meca’System. I will be one of the Team Meca’System riders and having a designated mechanic Laurent who I share with another rider. This is the best set up I have been part of ever, and is the same as I was riding with in Pharaons Rally october 2008 where I finished 12th overall.

Follow me in this adventure through Argentina and Chile. See also my videos on eurosport.se.

Loctite, which is one of my sponsors, has a fantastic link with images of the Rally Dakar 2009, have a look yourself at Dunerider’s Rally Dakar 2009 Photos.


Interview Valparaiso 2009-01-19

Annies broken nose
Annies broken nose

Smashing 2009-01-11, Blue Nose

Annies broken helmet
Annies broken helmet

Thank you helmet for saving my life!

levi-4682 Rest day in Valparaiso 2009-01-11

2 thoughts on “Dakar 2009

    annie seel said:
    2009/01/22 at 19:02

    what happened? my front mudguard broke, caught the front wheel pulling the brake cable and jammad it – full stop and face plant over the handlebars!
    broke my nose and ripped off chin piece of my helmet, lucky not to break my neck. also badly bent handlebars, so riding the remaning 150 kms was tough in the dunes and lama grass, rain, hale and mud (no mudguard means all shit was in my face…)
    and then on stage 12 my carb was not working so i had major problems ridning the bike, specially up the steep mountainclimb. flipped the bike on the top of the biggest and injured my right shoulder (same as in egypt) and then handling the bike one-armed was hell. ofcoure also out of fuel becaus of the malfunctioning carb i had to stop locals and beg for fuel and find a village with a station…
    so what cabn i say – happy to be alive and reach the finish! that is Dakar!


    Tom and Sonja said:
    2009/01/21 at 17:50


    You were going soooo well, we were sure this was going to be YOUR Dakar.
    We followed every check point, every day!

    What happened?

    Still, we are so proud of you and you can be very proud of your result, even though we all know it is not what we were all hoping for.

    We know you will be back next year, I am also going to try my best to get there, even though things are quite tough globally.

    Best wishes
    Tom and Sonja Classen


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