Meca KTM525 ”Super Rocket” Evo II

Read more, photos: Building my rally bike

2010: KTM 525 “Super Rocket”

It is due to small size budget recycled from my Dakar 2007 bike, upgraded with a new engine from KTM and some other parts from Meca’System.
Meca’System is my team, a very professional team I trust, and we will in fact be the biggest team represented in the Dakar with 10 bikers and 4 on quad.

KTM 525 Rally bike 2010

My supportes labels

Look, my supporters are riding the dakar with me! The spectators just love this.

KTM 525 Super Rocket, Dakar 2010

She’s just arrived to Buenos Aires by boat.

Racenumber is attached

#76 – racenumer must be attached, or no race.

The two Boxes

The boxes contain my mandatory safety gear and the good-for-all-kit, that I’ll have on my bike:
spare engine, carb, extra roadbook, various spareparts, helmet light, some tools, duct tape, gogglebag! And survival food as nuts, bars and energy gel. and extra clothes of course.
All contents are in doubles, because the organisations trucks take turns carrying them to the next bivouac.

The box for all rally equipment
This year in grey – they’ve been white since ever…

Building the bike with Magnus

Starting with the frame …
Building a new bike, part 1

Then putting on cover, saddle, fuel tanks – and wheels of course…

Building a new bike 2

Then the Super Rocket was shipped to Buenos Aires

A box for shipping the bike
Bike in box for transport

6 thoughts on “Bike

    krister karlsson said:
    2010/12/30 at 18:43

    Lycka till


    manuel said:
    2010/10/30 at 23:34

    bueno voy a estar en el dakar en argegntinaun un remolque de red bull lo que te aga falta me avisas

    un beso


    Robert griffin said:
    2010/01/20 at 04:53


    Congratulations from a fan. Your GREAT!



    John Campbell said:
    2010/01/08 at 15:08

    Magnus and Annie very nice pictures on the bike build.


    alejandro said:
    2010/01/02 at 07:30

    Hej kompis Annie, how are you?
    Jag säger er att jag i går såg dig på campus på landsbygden i Buenos Aires med din cykel och väska så tung att du bär! Och i dag jag såg dig på TV! Du fick cykeln såg mycket bra.
    Många styrka och du meddela något skede är svårt att slå för dig. Un gran abrazo, suerte!!!!


    Daniel Grinspun said:
    2009/12/26 at 01:58

    hi, i will be follow you in the race, i am from Iquique, but i live in Santiago. I ride motorcycles (motocross, enduro, trail), so i will fly to Iquique to check the Dakar…

    So all the luck for this new race…



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