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The Network goes Åre

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I helgen var jag uppe i Åre med The Network – en härlig sammanslutning drivna och roliga människor. Jag höll föreläsning på lördag förmiddag, innan vi kastade oss ut i strålande sol och kritvita backar.

Tack Anders Storgårds & Louise Yourstone och även SJ Event och Hotell Tott Åre för en kalashelg!

The Network Girlz!

S9. Still recovering

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– These have been really lousy days, have not been this sick in ages, says a tired Annie.
– I don’t know what was worst on stage 7, the broken clutch, the fever or the stomach illness. I had convulsions all the way – a day in hell.
– Today the riding was okay, but I did not feel quite strong to do my best. I have not been able to eat anything since saturday, only having that a medical dropper and special nutrition drinks.
The race goes on tomorrow, and anything can still happen.
Annie has gained some lost time, but the gap to Laia is more than an hour, so there is much to catch up.
Stage result pos 36 as best lady, but 2nd on pos 51 overall.

Special stage 9

– Det har varit riktigt risiga dagar, har inte mått så dåligt på länge, säger en trött Annie Seel.
– Vet inte vad som var värst på etapp 7, kopplingen, febern eller magen, det var kamp varje meter, från början till slut, en dag i helvetet.
– Idag har det gått bra, men jag hade inte riktigt orken i kroppen för att orka hela vägen. Har ju inte kunnat äta något sen i lördags, får bara dropp varje dag och särskilda näringsdrycker.
Vi kör vidare imorgon igen, fortfarande kan allt hända.
Annie vann tillbaka en del av den förlorade tiden, men skillnaden till Laia är över en timme, så det är mycket att ta igen.
Etappresultat: plats 36 som bästa dam, men 2a totalt på plats 51.

Visiting Loctite shop – the rest is about rally
Stage 9, Bikes – Annie in the last minute!

Swedish Pressroom, updates: Kontinuerlig Svensk pressinfo
2011-01-11 “Back from the Dead”: EnglishFrançaisEspañol

Video Australasian Safari 2010

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Great event. Here is a great video from Transmoto.

Stage 4 Jacobacci-Neuquen. Technical trouble.

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Annie finished with position 54. This stage with over 380 Km of special seems to be one of the more difficult ones, including difficult terrains and a navigation.
At the Bivouac in Neuquen after stage 4:
Annie told she had some problems with the engine start and her motorbike stopped. She asked a couple of drivers to help her, but they were also extremely tired. She lost more than one hour because of this technical problem, although she was riding very well – she said. “I will never gain back this hour” she said…
Annie also explained me how dangerous it is to overtake in the sand. Every time by overtaking, motorbike drivers put their life at stake. It’ s a real challenge.
I arrived in the bivouac of Neuquen, and still have no information about the race and on how Annie is doing. Fingers crossed this stage has no unexpected surprises for her.
/ Dunerider

“The big delay on this stage was because I helped a crashed biker (he then must quit the rally). Before this I was ranked 35. Probably I’ll get back the lost time.”
/ Note by Sis Eila

Admin and Scrutineering

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Everything is always hectic before the start. From the tech scrutineering in le havre my exhaust was to noicy, so i had to order en new silencer from KTM and bring it to Buenos Aires. Befor tech control her I had to pass admin control and get all the stamps in the control bookelt when passing all checks for documents etc. i was all ok until i had to show my racing license… where had i put it. i had it in my racing folder before at home in sweden and now it was gone. track back in my mind… oh no, i forgot it in the scanner at home because i scanned it as back up on to a usb stick, and then forgot the original in the scanner. disaster, because no license = no start! luckily my sister could go to myplace and send it from my computer to my hotmail, and then i could show my mail to the licens controllant…
after this i had to pass the exhaust check. the new silencer was within the new regulation of 96 db and was mounted with an extra “pacifier plug” to make it even more silent. downside on the plug was that the engine felt very tired. so i took the chance of running it without the plug and test if i could pass – and i did. so now i have the right sound and right power!
after this i parked the bike in the “parc ferme” outside in the big “Dakar City” festival area. big crouds of 80.000 meeting and greeting as i passed on the bike.
in the evening i was invited to the KTM pressmeeting with the official factory team, all superstars Cyril Despres, Marc Coma, Jordi Villaoms and Alain Duclos. And me! We answered questions from newspapers and mingled with guests. I felt proud to be invited to this event.
on friday we have the riders briefing at 11, and at 16 the ceremonial start at the podium will take place. Annie