Tough race – good equipment

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annie-equipment-dakar2014_520x670General feelings and thoughts about the importance of personal equipment:

I’m very content with my Simpson neck protection, just great! Stabilizing when reading the roadbook, I get no neck ache. I put it on before race start and won’t take it off until finished the stage, regardless what I must do in between.
Garry has as an ordinary type of neck guard; no good, he says – it fits badly, difficult to to take on and off when working with the car.

I have two Sabelt overalls from LM Motorsport. After the feshy stage that smeared everything it was nice to have a clean overall, while the service team washes the dirty.
     * The photo: last day sunbathing, then I’m two weeks fully covered by the overall during rally. 


The Bell helmet from G Partners is awsome, keeps all dust out.
And everybody thinks it 
looks really good! So true… 😉

I’m very greatful to all my sponsors.

Warming up, helmet on in Argentina

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Unpacked my brand new Bell Helmet, straight from the factory with my new but “old” yellow and black design!

The Killer Babe Rallyprincess laughing at her own design.
The stuffed toy is a copy of my little dog! 



Smashing… stage 5

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Annies broken nose
Annies broken nose

I met the doctor for VW-team and he told my nose is broken. Pretty? And yet the helmet took the hardest hits…
(See also the picture below on “Two days after the crash”)
Well, that’s Dakar… pain and pleasure, hate and love – I take it all. And so I told the reporter too who interviewed me. It was shown on Eurosport.
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Annies broken helmet
Annies broken helmet