Stage 14, Jan 17. Cordoba-Buenos Aires. The last challenge.

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The competitors started the last day at 3 am from Cordoba, the transport was 224 km. We must be in time for the start at about 6.30 am.
The Special stage was only 227 km, but very tricky. Fesh-fesh, sand, dust, fast parts right ahead, then sudden 90 dgr turns. Really dangerous! Many took a chance – and crashed! A few vehicles got totally wrecked. What a way to end a competition on the last day…
I did not want to risk anything, so I kept a moderate speed. I still had the shoulder aching and bandaged, could not move my arm. It just hanged there strengthless. As yesterday I put the hand on the handlebars and grabbed with the fingers. So I had to ride softly.
Luckily the engine run very good now.
And I made it through! I was 82 on the stage and 76 in total.
Then the last transport to Buenos Aires 341 km, arriving at 15.45. And later get some rest (?).

More news later…

Watch some videos

Posted by Sis Eila


5 thoughts on “Stage 14, Jan 17. Cordoba-Buenos Aires. The last challenge.

    Rocco Laramore said:
    2010/06/16 at 06:49

    Great webpage for skating! I’ll certainly save this page and come back again whenever I have even more time.


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    2009/03/03 at 13:14

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    Peter said:
    2009/01/17 at 16:58

    You r the most awesome girl on the Earth! It is unbelieveble that you can move your body at all, after that bonecrashing ride on your bike!!!
    Smile when it is over and remember the happy moments on and of the saddle!
    What can we say, We LOVE YOU and your power and strength and beautiness….
    Good luck next year….


    Russ Ryan said:
    2009/01/17 at 16:10

    What an awesome race!! You did absolutely fabulous!!!
    Your the real winner from this view!
    Time to tip some glasses for you and the teammates.
    Hope you heal fast & well
    Thanks for the daily insider updates too from you and Dunerider.
    What a pleasure it’s been.
    Washington, USA


    M.Classon said:
    2009/01/17 at 15:53

    Annie you ruuuule! My sincerest congrats on your triumph over weather, machine”gremlins”, and a beatup aching body! All the from S.F, US 😉


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