Happyness & victory

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Annie - victory & happiness

Rally Dakar 2009, originally uploaded by dunerider70.

So much happiness in her face! Annie finally made it. Surrounded by cheering photographers and Journalists Annie arrived few minutes ago at the Parc Ferme’ in Buenos Aires. “You are the winner!” people shoutet! Everybody clapping hands! Dozens of Journalists and Photographers asked for photos and interviews welcoming Annie after her arrival in La Rural.

4 thoughts on “Happyness & victory

    ridingAK said:
    2009/01/18 at 20:27

    Congratulations Annie! You are an inspiration. We are very proud of you!


    John said:
    2009/01/18 at 05:41

    Yes Annie you did it !! Your smile says it all … happiness through hard work , a great example for others … Congratulations on a Rally well done , you are a winner !!


    Peter said:
    2009/01/18 at 01:05

    Love that beautiful fightingface full of happiness… Hail to The Rally Princess!!!!!!
    Love , Peace & Happiness…..


    one of the many Annie-fans said:
    2009/01/17 at 19:37

    Wow, what can I say? This superwoman is just amazing! She went through hell and made it all the way back to Buenos Aires! The invincible Annie is the true winner!!!


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