Stage 9, Jan 12 La Serena-Copiapo. Along the mountain side.

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Due to very soft and unstable sand at the end of the stage, it was shortened by 20 km. Still a long track, 430 km. Very stoney in the first part. Like riding marathon enduro, but with a too heavy bike, 170 kg.

I had no problems with navigation, but all that dust made it difficult to keep up speed. Also the big stones made me fall a lot of times. I had thought that slowing down would be easy. So wrong! I got totally out of rhythm. So I changed to a higher gear – which payed off. Also the sandy part at the end was okay. I finished as 55 on the stage.

Also the organizers will compensate me for time loss helping another rider last week, thus getting 20 min off my result. Don’t know how and when it is displayed.
Posted by Sis Eila

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