Stage 10, Jan 13 Copiapo-Copiapo. Even higher & tougher…

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Highest altitude over 2000 m. Changed route again: the section between CP3 and CP5 (200 km) is excluded = 476 km loop. To day’s start was delayed by 2:40 because of fog. Also the last 40 km of the dune section concerning the late cars and trucks was cancelled.

The route was difficult to navigate and the terrain really tough. Annie missed the last waypoint that wasn’t marked in the roadbook – as many others – and had to turn back around the high and steepy mountain. It was a timeloss, but better than getting 2 hrs penalty for skipping the WP. Many bikes and cars circled astray around in the area, even some top riders. Several spent the night along the last section as it got too dark.

Riding this stage was very strenuous, especailly the arms got tired. Sometimes Annie had not enough strength to hold the big bike upright on the tricky track – causing several falls. At low speed riding among the rocks is quite troublesome.
Considering the many withdrawals – and also one death, another barely alive – she’s happy to be in the race so far.

Henrik Rahm (swe) run out of gas only 5 km from finish. He had to stay out there over night till he got fuel in the morning from a service car. The other Swede Thomas Berglund crashed before CP2. He hit his head badly, but the bike’s front wheel was damaged even worse. So his race is over, unfortunatelly. He was ranked 15-20 till then.
The swedish team Wallentheim-Ohlsson were very disappointed beeing stopped before finish because of darkness. Many results are still incomplete.
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5 thoughts on “Stage 10, Jan 13 Copiapo-Copiapo. Even higher & tougher…

    Jonsson said:
    2009/01/14 at 13:31

    You say two deaths, who is the second one? is it the spanish rider who was seriously injured in stage 10?


    Micke said:
    2009/01/14 at 11:36

    Thank you wery much for the report!! What a rally… Everyones a winner that makes it to the finishline in a rally like Dakar. (If you ask me… 🙂


    Micke said:
    2009/01/14 at 08:04

    Nice to have you in the race depite all the troubles at stage 10. (Saw it on the tv, sitting comfortable in the armchair….) Looked more like enduro than rally…wow…But the finish line is getting close now! Seen #216 lately? No reports to find in the standings.

    Thumbs up from Sweden!


    Liz Millett said:
    2009/01/14 at 06:32

    Hi Annie,

    Keep on riding.

    Wish I was there.

    If you talk with Craig 235 please give him my best wishes.



    Chris Jensen said:
    2009/01/13 at 22:11

    Hi Outhere

    Remember to stay positive, look foreward

    you are doing a good job.

    Kramer Chris


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