TTXGP: Tumbling last round at Brands Hatch

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I only just changed riding gear from rally to racing and took off for the last round of the UK series of the TTXGP at Brands Hatch. This weekend also the European series had their final round at Brands Hatch, so it would be very interesting to see the French, Chinese, Russian, Italian and German competitors.

Winner TTXGP Europe: Italian Alessandro Brannetti, CRP Racing team

Unfortunately the rainy weather and brand new tarmac surface on the track would inflict badly on the racing this weekend. The rain made the oily tarmac sweat and it became slippery and unpredictable. Many bikes crashed on the saturday training, including me. I low-sided at 150 kmph, loosing the front wheel barely touching the front brake after the long straight. Luckily I wasn’t hurt, but the bike looked sad – right engine and handlebar broken and fairings scratched. Also Russian Ivanov came off his Mavizen, so the team had a very busy night to repair the bikes at their workshop in Brighton where they took the bikes.

My bike was not ready for the Sunday morning’s Europe race, which now in hindsight maybe saved me another crash. Instead James McBride cartwheeled big time off his Manx bike and totally demolished it. Lucky he got away in one piece himself! Outstanding winner was Italian CRP team.

The Mavizen mechanics worked hecticly to have the bikes ready for the afternoon’s last race of the UK round, and only 10 minutes before the start both bikes were good to go. My team boss Morris told me that because these engines were not tested I must ride very cautiously. So I decided to just go out and make my laps, only to finish. Not very fun riding, but we as a team were already qualified for the World finals in Albacete, so there were no risks to be taken.

Winner TTXGP UK: Jenny Tinmouth, Agni racing team

Already after the first lap, top team Agni rider Rob Moon crashed out. Some laps later a few more bikes were out. So really, just to make it across the finish line today was the challenge, and I just counted down the laps…
Again Italian CRP team won in impressive style, with German and French team behind. UK top woman Jenny Tinmouth rode well in 4th place.
By fantastic riding in all four UK rounds Jenny claimed the overall win in the TTXGP UK series! My Mavizen team mate Pete Ward secured a very well deserved 2nd place, and Adam Palfreman in 3rd. Congratulations to all!!

Thanks to my fantastic team Morris Motorcycles and all team members for contributing to this crazy team. Your partcipation is our success!
And warm thanks to everybody at Mavizen! I am happy to have been part of this even development!
Also big thanks to the organisers at TTXGP, for starting the future of electric racing. It is your passion that needs to power an idea like the TTXGP.

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