Stage 13, La Rioja-Cordoba. Fast and safely

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Even today’s special stage was shortened by some 300 km. This because of much rain in the area which had made most of the route impassable. Instead the competitors had a longer connection to reach the start. Only the last 220 km of the track was opened for the rally.
Luckily there were no difficulties on the way, just to ride ahead. Winding route, a lot of fun. These kilometers were quite fast, an average of 70-100 km/h.
And Annie kept up the speed through the whole stage. With an aching and immovable shoulder after the several crashes yesterday!
She finished the stage as 61, just behind Mirjam Pol, her rival.

More info later….
Posted by Sis Eila

9 thoughts on “Stage 13, La Rioja-Cordoba. Fast and safely

    Ulf H said:
    2009/01/17 at 14:25

    Annie, You are our Princess!

    You are Best!


    marie said:
    2009/01/17 at 14:19

    Ja, det var jättespännande! Bara synd att det slutar snart.
    Vi väntade varje dag till du kom i målet innan vi kunde sova.
    Jag är jätteimponerad av dina prestationer – och nu undrar jag om jag fÃ¥r be dig om en autograf – du kunde ge den till Tina Meier, hon är min kusin. Det vore kanon. 🙂

    Annars, krya på dig och ha det kul!


    M.Classon said:
    2009/01/17 at 01:20

    Kanon kort, great to see up in the ranking where you belong. Soon you’re there, and damn, you make me proud to be Swedish!!!!! Kanon, kanon, and all the best for the rest of the race!


    lu said:
    2009/01/16 at 18:56

    I live here in Argentina, from the first day I saw you at the enty of La Rural
    every day follow you
    I’ll be happy when see you back, its OK ,for all of us you won ouers harts


    lu said:
    2009/01/16 at 18:47

    you reach the glory


    Robertsson said:
    2009/01/16 at 18:19

    Hehe, you rule Annie.

    P Robertsson


    KansasKawboy said:
    2009/01/16 at 16:18

    Go Annie, all of us on are rooting for you.


    Peter said:
    2009/01/16 at 14:30

    Annie is Awesome! She does what men aint capable to do….
    She is my Idol, forewer…….
    It hurts that i am to old for her, otherwise I had proposed to her!
    Peace & Love 4ewer


    Frantisek KTM990S Czech said:
    2009/01/16 at 14:17

    Annie GO,GO,GO.You are Super Girl Champion on Dakar!!!!!Fan Frantisek Czech Republic.


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