Jan 3, Annie’s first stage – a good start

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I met Annie this afternoon immediately after she arrived to the bivouac. Her position after SS1 was no.41. She said she wasn’t very happy with herself. She mentioned she did too many mistakes. Many People cheering, many 90 degrees fast turns.  Because she was late this morning at the start, and lost some additional time refueling, she got caught by the dust cloud of the competitors. “Tomorrow is another day” she said. I could see the frustration on her face, but I’m sure tomorrow she will be happier.
/ Dunerider
A chaotic morning. Short of time on the liasion because of trouble at the fuel station. So I started as 110 instead of 93. I overtook many riders in all the dust. It’ was very dangerous, couldn’t see anything. Many others had accidents.
But I had a good flow and the engine is strong. Several top bikers damaged the tyres, but I had no problems. Though the oil pressure worried me. Luckily I found the reason: a hose was squeezed, so I fixed it.
A very good rally start: finished as 41!
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Admin and Scrutineering

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Everything is always hectic before the start. From the tech scrutineering in le havre my exhaust was to noicy, so i had to order en new silencer from KTM and bring it to Buenos Aires. Befor tech control her I had to pass admin control and get all the stamps in the control bookelt when passing all checks for documents etc. i was all ok until i had to show my racing license… where had i put it. i had it in my racing folder before at home in sweden and now it was gone. track back in my mind… oh no, i forgot it in the scanner at home because i scanned it as back up on to a usb stick, and then forgot the original in the scanner. disaster, because no license = no start! luckily my sister could go to myplace and send it from my computer to my hotmail, and then i could show my mail to the licens controllant…
after this i had to pass the exhaust check. the new silencer was within the new regulation of 96 db and was mounted with an extra “pacifier plug” to make it even more silent. downside on the plug was that the engine felt very tired. so i took the chance of running it without the plug and test if i could pass – and i did. so now i have the right sound and right power!
after this i parked the bike in the “parc ferme” outside in the big “Dakar City” festival area. big crouds of 80.000 meeting and greeting as i passed on the bike.
in the evening i was invited to the KTM pressmeeting with the official factory team, all superstars Cyril Despres, Marc Coma, Jordi Villaoms and Alain Duclos. And me! We answered questions from newspapers and mingled with guests. I felt proud to be invited to this event.
on friday we have the riders briefing at 11, and at 16 the ceremonial start at the podium will take place. Annie