We finished 14th in the challenging Historic Vltava Rallye

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Stefan Helin and I finished 14th overall, and 5th in class, in the Historic Vltava Rallye after an eventful race! 

The weather in Czech has been very challenging, cold, snowy, rain, sunshine!

Our extra night lights went black after a couple hundred meters, so we had to drive in the dark in the night stage… 
Last day was raining and we only had dry tyres on, due to new tyre regulations our wet tyres were not eligible. It was slippery all the way to the finish. Our Opel Ascona A 1972 has worked perfectly every day!

We are so happy to roll over the podium. Only 25 out of more than 70 starters reached the finish!

Thanks to my Helins Motorsport Stefan Helin, and mechanix Lucas Helin and Peter Larsson, excellent job. 

Congrats to winner Erik Comas in the white Lancia Stratos #2