Annie surrounded by journalists

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Annie & crowd of journalists

Rally Dakar 2009, originally uploaded by dunerider70.

15 days struggeling against sand, rocks, storm, rain, hail and pain
through almost 9000 km between the Atlantic and Pacific
on two wheels during 81 hrs 14:58 (and all “service” time in between).
Now it’s over.
Note by Sis Eila


Happyness & victory

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Annie - victory & happiness

Rally Dakar 2009, originally uploaded by dunerider70.

So much happiness in her face! Annie finally made it. Surrounded by cheering photographers and Journalists Annie arrived few minutes ago at the Parc Ferme’ in Buenos Aires. “You are the winner!” people shoutet! Everybody clapping hands! Dozens of Journalists and Photographers asked for photos and interviews welcoming Annie after her arrival in La Rural.

Stage 14, Jan 17. Cordoba-Buenos Aires. The last challenge.

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The competitors started the last day at 3 am from Cordoba, the transport was 224 km. We must be in time for the start at about 6.30 am.
The Special stage was only 227 km, but very tricky. Fesh-fesh, sand, dust, fast parts right ahead, then sudden 90 dgr turns. Really dangerous! Many took a chance – and crashed! A few vehicles got totally wrecked. What a way to end a competition on the last day…
I did not want to risk anything, so I kept a moderate speed. I still had the shoulder aching and bandaged, could not move my arm. It just hanged there strengthless. As yesterday I put the hand on the handlebars and grabbed with the fingers. So I had to ride softly.
Luckily the engine run very good now.
And I made it through! I was 82 on the stage and 76 in total.
Then the last transport to Buenos Aires 341 km, arriving at 15.45. And later get some rest (?).

More news later…

Watch some videos

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Stage 14, Cordoba-Buenos Aires. Annie finishes the last special

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I just arrived to the press center in La Rural in Buenos Aires, and retrieved information about Annie’s standings. She finished the last special of 227 Km at position 82. Less than few hours separate Annie from the arrival in Buenos Aires!!! Looking forward to meeting her soon at the Parc ferme’.

Stage 13, La Rioja-Cordoba. Fast and safely

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Even today’s special stage was shortened by some 300 km. This because of much rain in the area which had made most of the route impassable. Instead the competitors had a longer connection to reach the start. Only the last 220 km of the track was opened for the rally.
Luckily there were no difficulties on the way, just to ride ahead. Winding route, a lot of fun. These kilometers were quite fast, an average of 70-100 km/h.
And Annie kept up the speed through the whole stage. With an aching and immovable shoulder after the several crashes yesterday!
She finished the stage as 61, just behind Mirjam Pol, her rival.

More info later….
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Special Stage 13 – La Rioja – Cordoba

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Annie just started her special stage in positon 114 at 12:51 local time.

Annie never gives up

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Annie faced a very hard day yesterday, Stage 12 Fiambala-La Rioja. During the whole day the mechanics and myself were not able to get detailed information about what happened and we were all very worried as it appeared she would be stuck between CP2 and the end of the special stage. Laurent, her mechanic, his teammates and myself were running up and down all evening between CPO and the service truck in order to read Iritrack data. We only got information from some drivers passing by. We knew a helicopter had landed to help her, but no more.
Finally at 2:00 am Annie made it back to the bivouac. Annie fell between CP2 and the end of the stage. She injured her shoulder which was already suffering from a ligament problem. In a lot of pain, exhausted she was helped by a teammate motorbiker to get up and a helicopter came to bandage her.
She did not give up and kept going, and eventually reached the end of the stage. Because she already had passed CP2, the information that the special stage had been shortened by the organization did not reach her – maybe??? She fought for ending the original special stage, in pain, without need.
All professional drivers criticized very badly the difficulty of this particular stage. Many said it has been the most difficult stage in their life. Hard to imagine what this means. Just too much! Too dangerous, many of them say.
The organization decided to shorten the second part of the special stage (after CP2) when cars, trucks and bikes were stuck at the bottom of high dunes, with no engine power left, due to the effect high altitude over 4000 metres has on fuel engines if the carburator is not adapted to the conditions.
I was shocked when Annie told me that cars and trucks, because they were not able to climb the dunes from one side, they would be forced to take a u-turn and drive full speed against the direction motorbikers were driving. Bikers would face cars and trucks with the risk of a frontal impact.
I accompanied Annie to the medics at 2:30 am. Annie wanted to be bandaged in order to keep competing the following day. “If I made it today, tomorrow I will also make it” she said. The medics, myself and the mechanics motivated her to think carefully wether to continue racing in this conditions. No way… It is impossible to stop Annie.
Annie woke up, jumped on her bike this morning at 6:45 am, holding her bike with the power of one arm only. She is now racing.  “You cannot stop superwoman” said Laurent, after we both saw her departing from the Meca’System truck. Fingers crossed for her!!!

Stage 12. Finished at last after 14 hrs

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In the evening at 9 Annie made it to the finish as no 115 (last one?), time 13:38:43. And in addition 4 hrs penalty for exeeding the time limit. It sucks…

The bike has run badly all day – very slow, consuming too much fuel etc. She got gas from people in the villages. Also Henrik Rahm, a fellow competitor, helped out.
The malfunctioning bike also caused crashes. She is badly hurt in the shoulder. A rescue helicopter came and bandaged the shoulder, it ached terribly. Henrik wanted her to quit the race. No way!!!

A Lady in distress…
She was only 5 km from finish, at a river ridge and couldn’t get over. (Fiambala area) She needed help to find a passage.
She tried to call/sms her rally-friend Henrik. But there was no connection. So Annie called home to Swden from her mobile phone in the evening. Sister Eila started a contact network. But in the meantime she found a way to get over the river-bed and made it to the finish.
After that there were still 260 km liaison.

Henrik finished at 7 pm (local time).
A lot of trucks and cars were stuck too at the river. Many participants have criticized the route – sensless planning, terrain not suitable for rally vehicles etc. And too dangerous.

It was a long day’s thrill also for all supporters. Many of them tried to get assistance for Annie. Thanks!
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Argentinians and Chileans

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The people are so welcoming here! It never happened to me (Dunerider) to feel like a “star”. People seem to be so fond of motorsport here that we are asked many times a day to pose with them for pictures. Just crazy – makes us smile a lot. The passage of the Rally Dakar 2009 is a unique event and probably for some smaller villages the most exciting event in history. In the larger cities the crowds of people welcoming us and the competitors is just absolutely amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of people fill the streets, shout, cheer.

Annie at the arrival in Copiapo explained to me that many people shout her name while she is passing by. They remember her from the Patagonia Rally a couple of years ago. She was amazed by this. “I have my personal fans here – and they remember me – that’s so great here”.

While I am in La Rioja in an Internet Cafe uploading the Blog, she is racing the special stage between Fiambala and La Rioja. Should be very muddy and hard today, as it has been pouring rain all night. Looking forward to see her at the Bivouac this afternoon.

Stage 12, Jan 14. Fiambala-La Rioja.

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Due to archeological discoveries in the Fiambala region right on the route of the rally, the day’s stage is shortened by some 30 km.