Midnattssolsrallyt pris Ewy Rosqvists Pokal är hemma med Killer Starlet igen!

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Ewy Rosqvist’s Pokal är hemma i garaget med Killer Starlet för tredje året!
Det har varit en fantastiskt kul tävling, som trots mek strul ända fram till sista sekund ändå blev en succé.

Stort tack till min helt sanslöst härliga nybörjarkartläsare – konstnären Catrine Näsmark som kastade sig i högerstolen bara veckan före start, utan att veta vad hon tackat ja till!

Tack alla som hjälpt mig i år:
– Lasse Knubbe Karlsson, uber meck
– Hans Ove Danielsson, assist meck
– Christopher Fransson, lån av växellåda
– Roland Löwgren för “finjusteringar”
– KAK, min klubb
– Rallytravels
Utan er hade det inte blitt nåt.

Och tack mina sponsorer:
– Årets Bilsport
– ABT Transport
– Krutcupen
– G-partners/Bell hjälmar
– Simpson Hybridskydd
– LM Motorsport/Sabelt overall
– Kå-Hå’s plåt & lack
– Printproffset dekaler
– Staffan Beck Motor släpvagn

Tack Midnattssolsrallyt och Kungliga Automobilklubben för årets höjdpunkt och sveriges bästa tävling!

Tack all publik och fans, så kul att se er ute på tävlingen!


Merzouga Rally stage 2: Stage Win for Garry & Annie

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Report by: Judith Tomaselli.

A hell of a special stage!

Stage 2: JAMALUN 2013-10-22
Road connection: 3.43 km – Special Stage: 191.69 km – Road connection: 6.07 km – TOTAL: 201.19

As announced yesterday by the organizer, todays stage of the Merzouga Rally was not meant to be taken lightly. In fact, narrow uphill tracks, small dunes and camel herb required competitors to be 100% focused and prove their technical driving skills. Garry Connell and Annie Seel (N°205) managed to earn their first victory on the Polaris RZR XT+ 900 XP40, leaving an important gap between the second place.

“Today was very difficult, tells Garry at the bivouac in Erfoud, and very technical too. We went on goats tracks, so steep I had to lower my gear, three times, to “short speeds”. The roads were stony and went up in only one way, like enduro racing tracks, and our wheels were outside the track. The dunes were so technical that we did some slalom between the camel herbs. The day was long but I am glad and satisfied because Annie taught me many things for the Dakar.”

Annie Seel also had her moment of glory because navigation was difficult today. “I was focused on the road book, tells the Swede, and I did my best to share my experience in the desert with Garry, especially at the moment we crossed the erg. You have to learn how to read the dunes when you arrive to them and then, they open up your path like the Red Sea in the Old Testament. It was a great learning day for the Dakar and Garry has done an excellent job.”

Follow Garry Connell and Annie Seel on the track:

Follow Xtreme+ Polaris Team on Facebook

©Judith Tomaselli

S6. Leading lady!

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-It was a really tough stage in the desert today, I was longing to reach the end of the stage and pass the finishing line. Of course I feel good about increasing the gap between me and my competitors, but it only takes a small error to loose that advantage, thats the way the Dakar works, Annie Seel says. So far navigation has worked like a clock, and that is a benefit out in the desert.

-I will enjoy myself tomorrow in Arica, and rest my hurting back.

Then we start again on Sunday. I will ride safe and not take any chances, taking one day at a time. My goal was to defend my title, and thats what I intend to do.

Position 38 in total.

Photo: Checking news and results

– Längtade till målgången, det var en riktigt hård dag i öknen. Känns såklart skönt att ha utökat minutrarna till Laia, men det krävs bara ett endaste litet misstag, en navigationsmiss eller ett problem med motorcykeln så har man tappat försprånget, så fungerar det i Dakar, säger Annie Seel. Hittills har jag träffat alla waypoints rätt, och navigationen har fungerat perfekt.

– Ska bli jätte skönt, fick en rejäl sträckning i ryggen som störde, och nu får jag ta igen mig. Sen är det som vanligt, att ta en dag i taget säger Annie Seel. Och jag kommer inte ta några risker, som jag kanske har gjort tidigare år, nu är det säker körning som gäller för att säkra titeln ytterligare en gång.

Photo: Iquique finishing area

Video from the start in Buenos Aires, sent by a fan José Oviedo on Facebook. 6 seconds worth gold!
Facebook Log-in needed!

Swedish Pressroom, updates: Kontinuerlig Svensk pressinfo
2011-01-07 “Annie Leading Lady”: EnglishFrançais Español

Leg 7. Finished 15th!

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The Australasian Safari Rally has been fun, exciting … and tricky. I am very content with my performance, the race, the bike and the team, everything has worked just great. The 15th position overall means I am the best lady on bikes and in cars.
And I made it without injuries!

News clip: International riders Annie Seel from Sweden and Ze Helio from Brazil both agree that the conditions experienced in the Australasian Safari are comparable with the gruelling terrain and lengths of the Dakar legs. Seel is competing in Safari for her second year and Helio for the first time.
Seel, who placed 15th today, said the beach dunes and sand were the perfect way to finish, and she forgot about her mis-navigation yesterday.
“With this kind of riding I could do another week,” she said. “The long days and technical nature of the stages definitely make me feel I now have the stamina for another Dakar.”
Proof of the difficulty of Safari is the number of competitors who manage to reach it to the finish. The event commenced with 112 vehicles (bikes) on the Prologue Day and only 64 vehicles finished today, a 40% attrition rate.

One GOLD and one SILVER in Norway!

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What a fantastic weekend I had in Haslemoen Norway! I am so happy, could not believe this success!

We had two days of really good enduro racing.  The organisers put on a nice variety of some mud, rocks and ruts. But mostly quite fast fun trails – which I like.

On saturday we raced a 2-hour “hare-and-hound” enduro called Solørslitern. It was very wet and muddy thanks to the heavy rains days before. Me and Camilla planned to keep a good pace, but not pushing too hard to save some energy for the “big race” on sunday. We are always chasing each other when racing, and so we did. I took the start and for almost 3 laps Camilla was keeping tagged on my tail, and if I made a mistake she passed until I could race ahead again – very fun! I was leading by a few minutes when Camilla lost her chain and silver position – what a bummer.
When I raced out on my last lap I was leading quite comfortably and was the only girl to finish 4 laps.
I felt very tired on the last lap, but the feeling of a win made it all better!

Winner of the Solørslitern 2-hour enduro! Kine Asper 3rd, Anita Sletten 2nd.

A good wash and service and the bike was ready to go again. But I was a little worried I had worn myself too much to recover until the sunday championship race… The competition was to be tougher.
My ambition was to try and keep up with the top women, even if I know they are better riders than I am in enduro.

Ready to race the Nordic Championship!
Line-up before start! Photo: Cathrine Surrehue Rosenvinge

Sunday morning I felt fresh and really looked forward to racing. Some racing nerves on the starting grid, but I felt confident. I knew Swedish Jessica Malcolmsson was a good rider, she rides the enduro championship and won Swedens biggest hare-and-hound enduro Gotland Grand National 2008. If I can stick on her tail for a lap I would be very happy. The Norwegian riders I had never raced until now, but I heard Irene Askeland was really good.

The organisers had for the Championship race added some new really technical sections to the trail. I walked them to try and find good lines… and I feared the rocky climb, not my turf really, I always manage to fall and smash my bike.

Irene and me head-to-head in the rock climb. Photo: Cathrine Surrehue Rosenvinge

Normally I shoot off in the start but now I took it easy, tactically letting Norwegian Irene lead to see her lines. We reached the rocky climb after only a few minutes, and she took the best line ofcourse – but got stuck and fell. I culdn’t wait so I tried another climb and also tipped over. Both of us got going and I chased her for a little while until I found a good line to pass.
Later I hit some deep mud ruts and one of the male riders was stuck in the “good” rut I was going to take – and I quickly had to change line but got stuck – SH*T!! As I sweared Jessica cought up, and she also got stuck! By the time Irene arrived the “good” rut was clear and she easily passed us, and so did Camilla. Now I was fuming and heaved the bike on its side and dragged it out. Pumped up with adrenaline I raced to catch Camilla as quickly as I could. When I caught her I decided to let her lead and pace myself a little, this was still only the first lap and a few more to go…
I found a good rythm and soon we passed Irene paddling through some deep waterfilled mudruts. Now Camilla was leading and me just on her rear wheel. So I anticipated “the kill” and in the next rock and mud section she slipped and I found a very different line – the most waterfilled rut that no one used. Well it was a winner and I used it for the rest of the race – it was just water and no obstacles, and I knew no one else would use it because it looked too deep.

I was in the lead and going out on lap 3 I had 44 minutes until the flag. I calculated that if I didn’t push it maybe this would be the last lap. I tried to look back for Camilla but didn’t see her, so I slowed down my pace just a little. I was just a couple of kilometers from the finish when Jessica appeared – and she was going good, steady through the last section of ruts and passed me! Then she pulled off… Wow – I was so impressed by her riding! I could not keep up in the rock and log section and accepted she was going to win.

Coming into the last motocross section before finish Jessica pulled in for refuel and I realized we had still time to head out on lap four! The race was on!!

I took off on lap 4 less than a minute ahead of Jessica, but could not make a single mistake and was totally focused. I was riding the best I could, clearing all the technical sections without trouble, racing as fast I could on the speed sections. I have never ridden better enduro in my life! I didn’t know how far behind Jessica was wich was stressful…
Arriving to the last mud and rut section only 2 kilometers from the finsih Jessica was on my heels. And she showed no mercy passing. I was defeated.

But I was the happiest silver medalist – because on the last lap I had cut my laptime with some 4 minutes! I never thought I could have raced this good without having Jessica breathing up my neck – she is a better rider and a worthy winner!

It was a triple for Sweden in the womens Nordic Championship, Jessica winning, me second and Camilla third – CONGRATULATIONS to all of us!!

And also congratulations to P-A Ullevålseter for winning both on saturday and sunday!!

Camilla Arnalid - Bronze. Jessica Malcolmsson - Gold. Annie Seel - Silver.

THANKS to Henrik for super support! And thanks to all my sponsors: KTM, DekkPartner/Michelin, Elmborgs Tandvård, Lindroths Maskin, Lelles MC, Karnag, IIV, Oljecenter Vedum, Loctite. And all supporters!!

Solørslitern – Saturday 7 Aug 2010
1. #610 Annie Seel/SWE – KTM – 4 laps – 2:28:48.984

2. #907 Anita Sletten/NOR  – KTM – 3 laps – 2:01:55.315
3. #904 Kine Asper/NOR – Honda – 3 laps – 2:03:38.577

Nordic Championship – Sunday 8 Aug 2010
1. #605 Jessica Malcolmsson/SWE – Husqvarna – 4 laps – 2:25:42.919
2. #610 Annie Seel/SWE – KTM – 4 laps – 2:26:26.252
3. #611 Camilla Arnalid/SWE – KTM – 3 laps – 2:00:11.472

All results on MyLaps and

EGrand Prix premiere Snetterton – UK

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It is a victory just to participate in the first ever EGrandPrix. Team is a small crowd sourced team, started by Morris Packer. And only 2 weeks before the start we had not everything set for the race. Now we have raced the first round – finishing 7th!

The TTXGP – EGrand Prix premiere this weekend was a great success for team Morris Motorcycles!

Despite some throttle control software problems we finished 7th in this the world’s first ever series for electric road racing! Thanks to team boss Morris Packer and all our supporters in the web community – our dream is now true!

Ready to race the Mavizen KTM RC8 in the first ever TTXGP!

Short resume:
Only 2 weeks before the race everything was not set for the race, the bike was not ready, nor the budget. But in the last minute Morris called and said GO! And I was ON!

The team arrived late friday afternoon to the Snetterton race track. We could see some of the E-teams installed in the paddock, but still the Mavizen bikes had not arrived. I borrowed a push bike from another rider and cycled 2 laps around the race track to learn the layout. That saved me some laps on the first practice session.

Me and team boss Morris Packer before the race.

Saturday morning, after a traditional English breakfast at the lovely B&B we stayed in, we were finally to see the bike and Mavizen team. Ofcourse the bike is still in a very testing prototype mode, but  could ride it on the first training session. Very strange feeling to power on but hearing nothing… except for tha wheezing sound of the chain. Talking of power, controlling the throttle was a major problem. From zero to full gas it was only a millimeter turn on the throttle – the bike was absolutely wild. On a normal bike I could have fixed this “hardware problem” easily, but on this bike it is a “software problem”. This means we need some computer programming to solve the problem.

Absolutely zero emission bike! Just sweat emission after a lap around the track...

Next session we tried to limit top power, and also connect the battery heat indicators due to the 35 C heat – but now the bike was not happy at all and only ran a couple of seconds at the time. Almost unrideable. Luckily I managed to qualify already in the first session, so now we could concentrate on fixing the battery and power control – which all is down to software.

The two Mavizen bikes awaiting the start.

Sunday morning warm up the bike was back to normal, this means I now still had only 1 mm throttle range, but the battery wasn’t shutting off att least.

So we were ready for race! And I made a really good start from 9th position. But then the faster and smoother bikes passed and I was down to 8th. I was trying to concerve battery for the 10 laps, because I didnät know exactly how long it would last in the heat. After a while I passed another rider and was up to 7th, a place I kept to the finish.

Media and press are interested!

Mission accomplished: raced the first ever round of the TTXGP – despite running on a totally prototype not tested bike. this was a true success! And we are qualified to continue in the championship.
Congratulations to winner Jim Lovell and impressive hugs to top lady Jenny Tinmouth finishing 2nd.

BIG THANKS to team boss/founder Morris Packer for inviting me to ride in your team.
And also hugs and love to all supporters/sponsors in this crowd sourced team – believing in this crazy idea. Also thanks to Mavizen crew really helping out. And thanks to organisers who created the event. Last but not least thanks to Henrik for being mechanic.
More info:


My thanks

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I was so happy to finally win the Womens Trophy in the Dakar, and also make a good general result. As always the Dakar is tough, and I guess for me Dakar is always exeptionally dramatic.

There are so many I want to thank…
First of all, my family and friends. My “Super” sister Eila, that is always there for me  and also updating my blog, day and night. And my “press officer” Marie Hessel. My boyfriend Henrik that puts up with my Dakar-focus-bubble. My friends that always support me, Magnus helping in the garage, Camilla fixing my “princess-hair”..

My sponsors and team… Thanks for supporting me.
Main sponsor Elmborgs Dental Care, a sponsor that is truly devoted to motorsports.
Lindroths Maskin, also passionate about motorracing.
Team Meca’System, best rally kit and assistance team

And all my support and product sponsors… thanks for helping me. The list:
KTM Motorcycles, DekkPartner/Michelin tyres, Karnag AB, IVV AB, Loctite, Exclusive Cars, Hot Snacks, Shore AB, PME Film, Coaltrane AB, Lelles MC, MC Sport, Bengt Norrmans Åkeri, Anders Andersson Åkeri, Art’n’Dito, ProService, Real Wear riding equipment, Grahns/X-lite helmets & Gaerne boots, MotoSpeed/Öhlins, Moto Aventures Offroad Tours, Arnalids salong, HittaData, Kå-Hås Bilplåt & Lack, Mattssons Smide. And my Sweden Challenge Supporter Club.

And finally, ofcourse the Dakar organisation ASO, for creating this great event. There are so many in the “Dakar crew” during the rally, like officials, medics, physios, security, catering etc.
And this year a very very special thank to race director Etienne Lavigne, for rescuing my bike with the helicopter out of the tomb. Otherwise it would have been the end… Etienne is my hero!

Not to forget the people of Argentina and Chile! Your warm welcome and passion for the race is overwhelming. It has been absolutely fantastic meeting you out there, and on Facebook! Like fan club “Mujeres Tuercas”. You made me fight harder. BESOS GRANDES!!

Greeting to all moto/quad women in the Dakar

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Finally I am the winner of the “Feminine Trophy”. I’ve been trying so hard for many years, and always something happened. This year it was my lucky turn, despite a hole lot of drama. Not only did I win the Feminine Trophy, there was a prize check of 3.500 Euros! Will be needed to pay for some damages…

But I want to congratulate all women who finished, out of a total of 6 ladies (5 moto and 1 quad ladies), 5 reached the finish wich shows thes women are truly strong and determined. So big hand for Silvia Gianetti, Christina Meier, Tamsine Jones and quad Camelia Liparoti. You are all real heroes and role models for all women!
And I also want to greet a very strong, but this year unlucky, Mirjam Pol. I missed you after you had the crash, always good to race with you. Hope to see you next race!!

From web:
“Finally, congratulations to the little – but tough – Annie Seel who is the Best Woman in the Dakar and finishes 45th in the standings.”

Winners celebration

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Annie, winner of Ladies Cup on podium
Hooray! Winner of Womens Cup by many hours. What a title to have!
Photo by Maindru

This is my 4th dakar finish and 16th rally total, and still 100% finish rate! It’s been dramatic – as usual – I was close to be out. But now I feel I could go on another week. The whole time I felt calm, strong and confident in my riding and I kept my strategy, which paid off. I started with a good position and managed to keep it through the whole race, despite the injured thumb. Actually I got used to it and could ride really good with just keeping the right hand on the bar, even if gas/break and steer in curves was difficult.
My total standing: 45, 69:55:40 (+18:45:03)

Annie at finish Buenos Aires
Photo by Tomas Kocanda

Podium capToday it’s time for ceremony and prize-giving. Tonight it’s time for partying. Super happy! 😀

Right: Podium cap, only for winners!
I got one.


Signed tshirt… Yes its dirty. But it has made stage 13 in the dust.

T-shirt signed by dakar competitors

Stage 14 – Finally at finish. Yes!!!

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Santa Rosa-Buenos Aires, Special 206 km
Flat sand, dusty, very fast.
Position stage 37, 01:47:56 (+0:21:08). Total 45. Winner of the Ladies class.

She did it!
Annie held the good and even speed through the whole stage, without taking any risks. Trying to gain a few minutes wouldn’t affect the total standig anyway. Today there’s nothing to win only everything to loose.

Annie at finish of S14

She made a short phone call home to friends just after finish:
“I am very happy with this result, considering all mishaps during the rally. Maybe it was not the perfect race I hoped for – but is that even possible, Dakar is unpredictable! I aimed at top 40, and I was very close to get there. It was that damned visit in the tomb and my thumb! My other aim was winning the ladies class – and this I acchieved by a wide margin. It feels so fantastic I can’t even describe it.”

Ullevålseter & wifeAnnie has already at the finish line told the big congrats to Pål-Anders for his wonderful second position.
And all the riders will celebrate together at the arrival in Buenos Aires.
Photo right: A happy Ullevålseter with his wife

Depres signs Annies t-shirtA famous female
Late at night Annie sent a textmessage with some more details:
Annie and Oldrich“I set off in good speed on dead straight pist, with lots of dust. Stayed behind the rider in front… no taking risks. Soon faster bikes caught up, and I let them pass, since I was already at max speed. Just waited to cross the finish line… making no mistakes.

And when I arrived at finish I was so happy that I finally made it: best woman and a good total, despite the dramas.
I’ve worked so hard for this, for many years. A big kiss and hug party with my team and rider friends, many interviews, photos. Got my t-shirt signed by all riders, also winner Despres – so fun!”
Images above right:
Annie with bike winner Despres and quad-rider Oldrich

Annie gets a thorough scrubRight:
Annie gets a thorough scrub after the race.

Super Rocket gets a shine-on and a touch up on stickers.

Super Rocket gets a shine-on