Hitting the road

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The starting ceremony today was a party, like always in Buenos Aires. So many cheering people everywhere along the road. The competitors feel like heroes.


Startceremonierna var en riktig folkfest, som alltid i Buenos Aires. Enormt mycket människor överallt längs vägen. De tävlande känner sig som hjältar.


VIDEO, Youtube: Spectators cheering and welcoming Annie

New Year – New Dakar!

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Because I had checked in my bike yesterday Icould relax now. The afternoon I spent in the Dakar Village area, and met many competitors in the VIP tent… like the the “coconutters” from Australia, team Coconut Cairns and also Bruce Garland.

New years eve i spent with my friends in the chilean team Cocoa-Fynsa and the Prohens brothers. Luis of the Cocoa-Fynsa tesam was my teamboss when I raced the Patagonoa-atacama in 2005.

Eftersom jag var besiktigad och klar igår kunde jag ta det lugnt idag. Bara skicka Dakar-boxen med organisationen. Sen till besiktingsområdet och “Dakar Village”, mässområdet med allt jippo inför. Stekhett i solen så jag hängde i VIP-tältet där alla teamen var.

Nyårskvällen firade jag med chilenska team Cocoa-FYNSA (Luis var min teamboss i Pampasrallyt 2005). Vi åt nyårsmiddag på pizzastället runt kvarteret. Jag beställde en pizza med extra allt: mozzarella, tomat, paprika, serranoskinka, lök, ruccola, oliver och palmhjärta… Proppmätt!

Vid 12 slaget gick vi ut på gatan och kollade lite fyrverkerier.

Stage 14 – Finally at finish. Yes!!!

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Santa Rosa-Buenos Aires, Special 206 km
Flat sand, dusty, very fast.
Position stage 37, 01:47:56 (+0:21:08). Total 45. Winner of the Ladies class.

She did it!
Annie held the good and even speed through the whole stage, without taking any risks. Trying to gain a few minutes wouldn’t affect the total standig anyway. Today there’s nothing to win only everything to loose.

Annie at finish of S14

She made a short phone call home to friends just after finish:
“I am very happy with this result, considering all mishaps during the rally. Maybe it was not the perfect race I hoped for – but is that even possible, Dakar is unpredictable! I aimed at top 40, and I was very close to get there. It was that damned visit in the tomb and my thumb! My other aim was winning the ladies class – and this I acchieved by a wide margin. It feels so fantastic I can’t even describe it.”

Ullevålseter & wifeAnnie has already at the finish line told the big congrats to Pål-Anders for his wonderful second position.
And all the riders will celebrate together at the arrival in Buenos Aires.
Photo right: A happy Ullevålseter with his wife

Depres signs Annies t-shirtA famous female
Late at night Annie sent a textmessage with some more details:
Annie and Oldrich“I set off in good speed on dead straight pist, with lots of dust. Stayed behind the rider in front… no taking risks. Soon faster bikes caught up, and I let them pass, since I was already at max speed. Just waited to cross the finish line… making no mistakes.

And when I arrived at finish I was so happy that I finally made it: best woman and a good total, despite the dramas.
I’ve worked so hard for this, for many years. A big kiss and hug party with my team and rider friends, many interviews, photos. Got my t-shirt signed by all riders, also winner Despres – so fun!”
Images above right:
Annie with bike winner Despres and quad-rider Oldrich

Annie gets a thorough scrubRight:
Annie gets a thorough scrub after the race.

Super Rocket gets a shine-on and a touch up on stickers.

Super Rocket gets a shine-on