Dec 26 Joy and drama at arrival to Buenos Aires

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I met up with Magnus at the flight change in Madrid. He’s travelling with stand-by tickets and didn’t get a seat on the full planes. On board, I met the performer DJ Mendez on route to his family in Chile. I told him that’s where I’m going too. He promised to cheer for me. I arrived in Buenos Aires shortly before lunchtime. At the airport, I met up with Team Husaberg Australia. Mange is set to be their grease monkey during the Dakar and I’ll be camping with him up until start. They’ve rented two trucks for service duties which we picked up and subsequently headed into the city.

While driving through a toll, we heard an awful lot of honking from behind. Two cars stop with screeching tires right next to us. One of the drivers gets out, boiling with rage and brandishing a handgun! Shit, what’s happening – I hope we’re not involved. We were terrified, needless to say. Luckily for us, he approaches the other car, yelling and flailing frantically. At any moment, things could pop off. We stayed in the car queue long enough to see money being waved through the car window. As we were driving past the toll booth we had to catch our breath. It was all quite scary.

In the afternoon I went for a walk around the neighbourhood, to alleviate the stiffness in my back that had been building up over the course of the lengthy flight. Total travel hours amounted to about 28 hours. A couple of youngsters set off a firecracker which made me jump. Must be the shell shock resulting from the day’s events. In the evening we went out for dinner at a lovely restaurant.

Servic car, kind of

Image: Service car – before or after Dakar?

(via Sis Eila & Neph Petri)

Happy Holidays & Happy Dakar!

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I can’t believe it is already Christmas, and soon Dakar again.
And I will be on the starting line… Despite a tough year through economic crisis and physio therapy.

Holidays Greeting from Annie

Bike & Team 2010

I will again ride my KTM525, aka “Super Rocket”, in team Meca’System, a very professional team I trust, and we will in fact be the biggest team represented in the Dakar with 10 bikers and 4 on quad.
The bike is due to small size budget recycled from my Dakar 2007 bike, upgraded with a new engine from KTM and some other parts from Meca’System. Big thanks to main sponsors by Team Meca’System, DekkPartner/Michelin, KTM, Elmborgs Dental & Lindroths Machines.

But it has been a long way to the start…
After last year’s Dakar I was a bit battered and bruised, shoulder damaged, broken nose. It took me quite a few months to get back in the saddle again.

Australasian Safari Rally

In august I was invited by Aussie Garry Connell, team boss Husaberg Rallye Australia (who is also racing Dakar 2010), to come and have a go at the Australasian Safari. Also thanks to the Octagon race organisation this long time dream of mine became true (already in 2001 I wanted to go down under).
Not only was this my come back after the Dakar, it was also the premiere of new Husaberg 570 in a rallye. After a week of some really tough rally stages, including a stick piercing my boot and leg, I finished 16th – and we had 4 Husabergs in top 20. What a success!

Big thanks to Husaberg Rallye Australia and Octagon for a fantastic experience – I’ll be back!

Image: Safari Rally encountering – Sweden vs USA

EcoEnduro & Trial

This autumn I have ridden a little enduro and also tried trial for the first time properly. Really super training, need to get a trials bike next year.

And I have also been part of a new page in motorcycle racing history. I raced in the first ever FIM Ride Green Eco Enduro. The wolrd’s first ever international electric enduro race, held in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Change Conference, in good company with racing stars like former 5 time MX World Champ Joel Smets… Congratulations to Fabien Planet, crowned the first Eco Enduro Champion!
I must say it was a new sensation racing around in silence through the woods, like going to a rock concert but no-one turned on the volume!
Big tanks to Danish organisers and Ivan Reedz-Thott.
Annie Seel & Joel Smets at EcoEnduro
Image: Joel Smets & Annie Seel

Follow my progress…

Now it is all final prep for Dakar, the start is 1 Jan, finish 16 Jan.
Follow my progress in Dakar here on this blog and also on my other web and the page Hang-out!
Press & Media contacts during the Dakar: Marie Hessel +46 702-23 86 36,

To get into winter feeling, watch my snowy enduro action video…
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Warmest thanks to all my sponsors, supporters and friends during the year
Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Snowy hugs!

6 months after the Dakar 2009…

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It has been a long way back after my multiple injuries in the Dakar 2009. Not only my nose was broken, also my right shoulder took a bad hit and some muscles and ligamnets were torn.

… on the saddle again – Enduro

Last week I was really back in business again. I raced my first enduro, a 4-day event with 6 special tests every day and some 250 kms of liasions in between. First two days I felt a bit uncomfortable with the shoulder, but the last two days I was having fun and increasing speed! Finished 4th in the womens class, only 2-3 minutes behind second place. The winner was too fast…