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On my way to Buenos Aires!

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Leaving the snow and cold winter in Sweden, my boyfriend Henrik and Marie Hessel waved me off at Arlanda Airport.

Marie made a quick interview at the airport.
Look at my new shiny rally jacket! Big hugs and thanks to my sister Eila who sew on every sticker during christmas, a perfect christmas gift. She made a fantastic job!!

Radio interview: Morgonpasset P3

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I was invited for the morning radioshow Morgonpasset on P3 – a very good show with really nice hosts. But I dont think they knew what to expect from a Dakar racer…

Listen to Morgonpasset interviews (Swedish):

Part 1: Annie berättar om Dakar

Part 2: Hellre bruten fot än bruten tävling – om olyckor

Part 3: Hålet fanns inte på kartan – Tomb Raider

Part 4: Jag är ingen bra fru

There was a princess crown in the studio. I couldn’t resist it – and they gave it to me! (Photo: P3 Morgonpasset)

Have you ever looked backstage?

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The competitors are the stars of the rally, and they get all the attention and admiration. But if their vehicles don’t work, what happens? Check out what goes on in the bivouac. A lot of service people are working there – fixing, mending, changing spare parts… Often through the night, so everything will be ready in the morning for the next stage.

Mange fixing bikePlease visit Mange’s backstage blog, also see the link box!
This blog started just recently as a complement to Annie’s Dakar blog. It is as interesting as the racing.