Annie Seel goes sideways at Olle Nygren Speedway School

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This was an amazing experience!

Olle Nygren Speedway School!

🏍 💨💨

Sounds easy, only two turns to the left, no brakes, no suspension and the bike is stiff like an old iron fence.

It’s like nothing else in motorbike racing…

Just forget what you know about riding motorbikes and start from scratch!

It’s so difficult and hard work, I totally understand why they only race 4 laps.. 🤣

Glad that I was not the only girl… Ida Midfjäll, you really rocked that bike!


Varg-Olle you are a true legend and the coolest motorbiker I’ve ever met.

I want to be like you when I’m 90! ✊🏼

Thank you for inviting me.❤️

Also thank you to Brian for the use of your bikes, Linköpings MS for a perfect track, Rolf Sundberg for organising, and TV-crew for documenting.