Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel – Stage 13: Marathon, Part 2. 1472 km.  36 hours. I made it. 

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Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel 

STAGE 13 Marathon, Part 2: KIFFA-DAKAR (1011 km)

Liaison : 450 km 
Special : 165 km 
Liaison : 396 km 

Marathon stage part 2.

After just one hour of sleep, time to get on with the second part of this last part of the marathon starting at 2.25 AM,  covering 1011 km.  

The morning liason took forever and I had to stop several times to “wake up”. The African roads are really bad, and suddenly they are cut off, and diverted. In the dark that is a death trap. If you’re not quite awake, it’s easy to tumble down one of those cut offs…

Happy when dawn was breaking. Breakfast was served the start of the “short” special. Before I started I again had to open the carburettor and cleaned it, emptied it on clay! Found a crack in the rear fuel tank where the dirt gets through. Nothing I could do about it now, just get on with the stage. 

The special was the most enjoyable of the entire rally, winding sandy tracks over light green savannah landscape scattered with trees. I was flying, feeling this was the best moment of my Dakar. 

Further on I caught up with the Swedish car team again. So happy to see Rosenblad/Roos in their Toyota, that means they are still in the race! 

I waited for them after the finish of the special just to celebrate giving each other big hugs. Then we found a local car wash and cleaned off layers of mud. 

Now we are almost in Dakar – just 400 kilometres liasion again. That took a long time again, I had I stoats clean the carburettor again. But it didn’t matter to me, I was going to reach Dakar, how ever late.

I arrived around midnight, and Patrick in Team Challenge 75 awaited to greet me. 
I’ve been on my bike for approx 36 hours, with only 1 hour of sleep. I’m totally knackered. But incredibly happy. 

Finally I’m here. In Dakar. 

Tomorrow just the little loop to reach the finish in Lac Rose.

STAGE 13, Second Marathon Stage: 

Friday 11/1 2002
Special : 457 km 
Liaison : 4 km

     [break 2 hours]

KIFFA-DAKAR (1012 km)
Saturday 12/1 2002
Liaison : 450 km 
Special : 165 km 
Liaison : 396 km 

Total : 1 472 km