Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel – Stage 13: Marathon, Part 1

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Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel

STAGE 13, Marathon Part 1: TICHIT-KIFFA (461 km)

Friday 11/1 – Saturday 12/1 2002

Another gruelling marathon stage of a total 1 472 km, just to kill off the last reserve of energy within me… and remember, no service. 

Marathon stage part 1.

Rain the entire day which made the sand very heavy and rutted. The rain also transferred the “dry lake beds” into slippery mud field, that were almost impossible to get through with my little 400 now with very worn tyres. One mud lake was more than 10 km to cross and I skidded down on my side countless times as my feet would not reach the ground when I had to hold up the bike. I was all covered in mud thinking I’d never get across. In all those side landings I hurt my butt again and it started to ache. 

Things continued to “screw up”, the carburettor failed again and I could not get the bike to run after a fall, cost me at least an hour. Smashed the headlight mount just before dark, so the last 100 km I rode trying to find my way with headlights pointing to the left. It took about 5 hours + more falls. Arrived at the half way check point after midnight, totally trashed of tiredness. The supposed 6 hour rest was shortened, only 2 hours before restart. 

Ate, refuelled and managed to get one hour of sleep in the food tent. 

To be continued…

STAGE 13, Second Marathon Stage: 


Friday 11/1 – Saturday 12/1 2002

Special : 457 km 
Liaison : 4 km

     [break 6 hours]


Liaison : 450 km 
Special : 165 km 
Liaison : 396 km 
Total : 1 472 km