Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel – Stage 7: Marathon, Part 1

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Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel 

STAGE 7: Marathon Part 1

Thursday 3/1 2002

The Marathon stage is two stages combined into a total of 1.545 km, where no assistance or service is allowed. You have to manage all by yourself and take care. 

It was an early start this morning, and I felt sick of fever and threw up the little breakfast I had managed to eat. Also my hand and leg were really stiff and sore of pain. 

The morning liaison was long, cold and driven early before sunrise in complete darkness on frightful twisty mountain roads. 

First half of the special I found a good rhythm on rocky tracks. After refuel I slowed my pace to save up for this long marathon stage. But going slower actually wasn’t helping and I tripped over a few times, of course landing on my sore behind. At one point a rider had fallen down a ravine, and I and two other bikers helped drag his bike up again. Luckily he was unhurt. Continued in steady pace including a few stops to rest. Finishing 125th just glad to have made the first half of the marathon. 

I felt like shit, increasing fever in the evening and trying to sleep a few hours before the restart in six hours. I did not long for the second part of the marathon stage. This was going to be a nightmare. 

STAGE 7: Marathon Stage

Part 1: OUARZAZATE-TAN-TAN (793 km)
Thursday 3/1 2002 
Liaison : 176 km
Special : 351 km 
Liaison : 266 km 

[break 6 of hours]

Part 2: TAN-TAN-ZOUERAT  (752 km)
Friday 4/1 2002
Liaison : 365 km 
Special : 371 km
Liaison : 16 km

Total : 1 545 km