Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel – Stage 6

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Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel 

Wednesday 2/1 2002

The fight of survival to the finish begins…

After a painful night I got up 4 am to start packing my tent and sleeping bag, knowing it was going to be difficult with the broken hand. 
Also visited the medical tent before breakfast to check up on my swollen hematoma. Luckily the doctor said I could continue, but told me it could get much worse if I fell on it again. 

The stage total was 576 kilometres, and the special 338 kilometres. The last 50 kilometres were like my home track, passing through where I had been training with Moto Aventures.

Before start I wrapped medical tape around my broken right hand because I could hardly hold on to the handlebars and the hand felt powerless. 

It was a painful drive and my hand suffered from the constant vibrations and every little rock or bump, and started swelling so I had to remove the tape. Instead I taped the throttle making it easier to hold on and keep the gas rolled on. 

Actually this worked pretty ok and I just focused on riding as easy as I could. 

When reaching the dunes in Erg Chebbi I worried I would get stuck because I couldn’t push my riding, but I found good lines through also passing a few riders lost. The last section was really rocky and there was no chance to ride easy. I counted down to the finish and relief. A 88th place was a little comfort to the pain and fever I was having in the evening. 

I’m thankful Patrick Kevorkian of team Challenge75 helped me in the evening. With a broken hand simple stuff as changing air filter is not so simple. 

Hope to get some sleep and maybe feel better tomorrow. 



Wednesday 2/1 2002

Liaison : 56 km 

Special : 338 km 

Liaison : 182 km 

Total : 576 km