Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel – Stage 5

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Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel 


Tuesday 1/1 2002

Finally in Africa. Now the real Dakar begins…

Total 534 km. The special was fun, about 80 kilometres of sandy tracks trough forest and bushes. It had been raining also in north of Morocco, so a few puddles on the track. Everything worked very well until just before the end. I skidded through a puddle ad mud, and fell on my bum and I also hit my right hand. Still I managed to finish 68. But afterwards my hand & bum swelled up. The doctors checked me, but I didn’t dare to say my hand was broken, they already threatened to stop me because of all the blood in my leg, but I managed to persuade them to wait with the decision until next morning.

That night I tried to sleep, but cried because I realised my dakar was going to be hell like trying to finish bruised and with a broken hand. 



Tuesday 1/1 2002

Liaison : 10 km 

Special : 80 km

Liaison : 444 km 

Total : 534 km