Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel – Stage 4

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Relive #Dakar2002 with Annie Seel 

Monday 31/12 2001

Up 6.30 in the morning only to be met by rain again. A bit stressful start, had to clean the carburettor again before the bike would fire up. The special was a 5 km mud track again… To avoid engine stall this time the tactic was to never let go of the throttle. As soon as I started I passed several bikes going really slow or had fallen. I kept up the pace, also skidding but managed to keep it upright. Actually now thought it was quite fun in mud passing many other competitors! I arrived to the finish with a big smile on my lips in 52nd position!

After that it was time for some mechanic stuff, change of carburettor (didn’t trust it), cleaned fuel filter and cleaned fuel tanks. I hope the carburettor problem is gone now. Loaded the trailer and continued to the ferry to Morocco.

The new year was celebrated on board the ferry and I was walking around just in woolly socks to let my boots dry. 

At midnight I was invited by French rockstar Johnny Halliday to celebrate the new year together with his crew. I was dressed in my riding gear… because after the boat crossing another 300 kilometres awaited to reach Rabat. Reached bivouack at 4 am which allowed me two hours sleep. 

Liaison : 5 km 

Special : 6 km 

Liaison : 950 km 

Total : 961 km