Women in Motorsports making a road map for the future 

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I’m back from the FIA Women in Motorsport conference held in Lisbon this weekend.

And I’m all inspired and fired up meeting and listening to some  awesome strong, competent and competitive women from different fields in Motorsport; competitors, engineers, team managers, race organisation… 

And meeting role models like Michelle Mouton (the first queen of rally and founder of the FIA Women in Motorsport commission), Jutta Kleinschmidt (Dakar Rally winner), Anita Mäkelä (European Top Fuel Champion 2016) and Leena Gade (race engineer winning Le Mans), and many more.

They all had interesting stories to share, and for everybody to learn from. All this experience to benefit for the future. 

At the end of the two day conference the eighty participating women drew the road map for the future actions, promoting more women into Motorsport. There will be more of us!

The FIA Women in Motorsport ambassadors, crew and guest speakers.