#BalkanClassic Day 4: navigating without navigation equipment is hard 

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So yesterday was tough, but that’s nothing compared to today. Janne is doing a good job taking care of the car, even if we sometimes hit the bumps too hard. 

Navigation is really a challenge in a car without navigation equipment. And the navigation is more difficult than Dakar at some points because we don’t get compass headings. I only got one simple trip meter and it is impossible to adjust while for gravel while we’re on the stage. 

Started with a 79 km special, with really tricky navigation, across hills with fields and hardly visible tracks to find. Then SS2, a fast smoother stage, where I accidentally was reading the notes of SS3… Was that confusing or what! Turned back 2 kilometres and got it right, but I felt really stupid for mixing up the pages. SS3 was horribly rocky and with serious off-road driving which doesn’t suit our Escort at all. Very difficult to get going again after loosing traction on a steep rocky climb. Last stage was the same as SS4, but backwards. We missed one turn off in the stage and ended up on a dead end road. 

Maybe my poor navigation is also because of a big eye infection that started today. As a little excuse. 

Summary of the day: 

– car in one piece

– we’re 4th general, and first of the “non-Safari” spec cars, only three Safari Datsuns in front of us.