#BalkanClassic Day 2: getting into the rhythm 

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So after the shocking tough start yesterday, we today started out easy on SS1. Then on SS2, same as of yesterday but backwards, the pace increased. Same bumpy but sandy mountain road, but with a better pace and rhythm in driving the stage felt so much smoother. Next stage SS3, called the toaster, was totally different in caracter. In the fields of the lowlands but across grassy hills and difficult navigation. We did one navigation error looking for a hairpin turnoff, and saw one other car in front of us that we followed. Wrong! Had to turn back up the road again and find the right turn off. 

Summary of the day:

– we were 6th today

– no driver mistake 

– one navigation mistake 

– suspension is not enough “Offroad”, we need more travel and ride height. 

All in all –  very good day and we’re moving steady!