Day 1 #RallyEstonia: Killer Starlet in 8th pos

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We had a great day today, 60 kilometres of special stage. First stage was the real test of me and Gøril as new partners in the Killer Starlet. Also this was the first time I have been writing and driving my own pace notes. A little nervous and scary – can i trust my pace notes at full speed. 

Half way into the stage the track was new and narrow with very loose and soft gravel. In one corner I came a little wide and slid down on the edge of the gravel. And there we got stuck, we could not get up. The spectators helped and pushed. Thank you! And we only lost some 20-30 seconds. 

Also I had changed gearbox since the last rally, and had to adjust my driving. All in all the day went perfect. 

Happy to say Gøril and I have made a good Swedish-Norwegian team in such sort time.