Winter rally and snow happens!

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Raced a real snowy Winter rally this weekend! First rally for me with new female codriver Ida Lidebjer Granberg in my Toyota Starlet.

It’s been three years since last time I raced a winter rally. So I was a little nervous, also with a new Codriver. But already in the first two stages we found a good going and had fun. I had a little problem with the engine not running at its best, misfiring and also difficult to shift gears at top Rev. And you need top revs in a little 1300 engine. Stage three I missed changing down to second, and the car sniffed it’s nose into the snow… We were stuck a few minutes before with help from some spectators we got turned straight again. But then the engine wouldn’t start for half an hour and we were out of race. We wanted to continue and finished all stages but out of classification. 

Despite the snow sniff we still had a fun day, and I learned a lot of winter rallying!

Action Video:


Sideways in the snow!

Codriver Ida doing a great job!

Sniffing the snow.