#Dakar2016. “Post Mortem”

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#373 & #396 Post Mortem…
Team Rally Raid UK has lost its two brave Desert Warriors in Dakar 2016.


#373 Seel had unsolvable problems in the electric and electronic system, so fuel and air supply did not work, and indignition failed. All this most likely was caused by the heavy raining during several days. Annie quit the race not far from finish of stage 6.



dk2016-s5-#396-crashing_800x500#396 Pierce crashed badly on stage 5 after a bump on the track. That was the sad end for Derek. Unfortunately both guys in the crew were injured.

#411 Rodi is still rolling well!
Position 58 after stage 11 – only 59 cars in total have made it this far.

#533 (truck) Round, started stage 10 – no result yet. Maybe is stucked at wp 3.

* * *
After s6: Annie tells about technical issues, personal experiences etc.