#Dakar2016 Stage 6. Dead car

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Lady in distress!

Our car gave up, nothing works. And we are stuck in the middle of nowhere. No other competitors around, everybody has finished the stage and moved on to the next.

We are on the gravel road that goes around Salar Uyuni, the very fast south-west side of the salar between cp3 and cp4, (after wp 7 ), just when the highest mountain climbing starts.
_     GPS: 20°03.283 S; 068°12.861 W    _

Help is on the way
Our sevice team is coming with a local guy as guide. They have 380 km to drive here. So we must wait a few hours. They couldn’t come earlier as they were helping our othe car #396 that has crashed.
Until this we rolled on quite well. But now:
Game over      😦 … 😦 … 😦 …