#Dakar2016 comments Stage 2

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4 jan Villa Carlos Paz – Termas de Rio Hondo

The first racing stage…
even if shortened by 130 km due to bad weather

The start of the special stage was very fun, winding in mountain country with nice but also sometimes rocky tracks.

I was pushing a bit and really enjoying getting into the driving because there was many turns and twists, up and down.

I’ve never driven the car in this kind of terrain, but I am positively surprised how easy it handles to throw two tons of car round the corner. But then the brakes started overheating so I had to pace myself not to go over the drop or overshoot a corner.

Bert was coming into navigating and we had a really good time.

At one of the many river crossings the engine lost power after going through muddy water. So we had to stop and shut down all the electrics and try restart it, but didn’t work. Stopped twice but still only revving up to 2500 rpm. Continued slowly and after 10 kilometres the power slowly picked up. Guess I got water into the electronics.

Later in the stage the lock for the bonnet broke and the bonnet was flapping so we had to stop and fasten it with a tie band. Three cars passed, grrr, but that’s just how it is.

Finished 60th overall and second in class (no, not Womens class) some kind of diesel category.

At first check point before brakes were cooking, I was only 16 minutes behind leading car!! Whoop whoop…

* * *

Mikko Hirvonen #315 in action (a Finnish competitor)