#Dakar 2015. All that fixing and repairing…

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How many mishaps and broken parts can one bear!?

Stage 2. We are waiting for our team mates 411 and 424 and helping them.
424 quit on this stage, the same where we spent the night outdoors.

paul-cleans-airfilter_500x280 VIDEO Youtu.be/ujpFxwFHro0
Stage 2. Paul cleans the air filter.

Team mate 411 turned over on stage 3. The car was badly wrecked and beyond repairing.
Nothing to do but leave the race 😦

Youtube.com/watch?v=VMS6kRd6xW8 (Polish speaker)
At 1:10 / Car 394 in bivouac for reparing. (Photo below)
At end of video / Car 411 after the crash.

Our car 394 had several punctuations, wishbone cracked twice, power steering broken, overheated clutch etc…
Beacause all reparations took so long 394 was late for start on stage 6, and that was the end of this race.
Later everything was fixed and the car could roll on, but only as assistant for other competitors – and for fun and training.

But look here – this is where the mechanic expert seems to be hiding!

In this rally the sweeper truck was really busy, collecting all broken vehicules from the tracks – mostly at night.

Unless even the sweeper truck needed a sweeper of its own…

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