#Dakar 2015 stage 3

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Stage 3. Jan 6, San Juan – Chilecito (542 km, spec 284 km)

Info from Team Rally Raid UK and Dakar.com news:
The cut-off time to take starter’s orders for the third stage was set at 12:12 local time. Many vehicles spent the night on the route of the second stage, and arrived first this morning (tues). More than 30 cars were not able to start this 3rd stage.

DW 394/Seel should start after only 2 hrs service after arrival in the morning into the bivouac.

Interesting info from Dakarrallyteam.co.uk:
Cars at Start Podium: 137 / Reporting to 3rd Stage: 134 / Began 3rd Stage: 100 / Completed 3rd Stage: 82.

Finished stage 3. (Position around 100?)


Don’t know how classifikation works for us. But we got checked in bivouac at last, in the morning, so no worries. And also got all roadbook for today, so we continue.

s4-handmade-timecard_650x1000There was a big confusion on the restart – a total chaos. The starter said we could go, but refused to give us the time card because we were late from stage 2. I said he should give it anyway, even if we will be penalaized. But he sent us off on the stage without it, thus the record shows “no starting”.
We got the mess sorted out later and got a new start with card and everything.

I even had to use a handmade card to start (photo).

This stage also took very long time. And we had not slept much in the past nights…

No final results yet, Dakars record system works lousy. Very confusing.
More info coming when available

VIDEOS from the past days

Annie describes the hardships of the crazy stages 2-3 of Dakar rally 2015 Jan 5-6. (in swedish)
Annie beskriver de galet tuffa dagarna 5-6 januari 2015 av Dakar-rallyt.



Team mechanic Glen Thompson waits for Annie early in the morning, and tells about problems with the car etc. (in english)
Vår mekaniker väntar i ottan på Annie, och berättar om bilproblemen.