Leaving the Dakar rally 2014. Goodbye!

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These photos tell the end of story, after the damaged oil line.

dakar2014-assist-truck552_480x520 dakar2014-s4-annie-meck-buggy_480x640
The helping truck arrives… … with the handymen.

Towed to bivouac in the night. (Photo: David Trenholm)

Repairing, adjusting cleaning, mending, fixing for hours

#366 crossed out

The Turtle (Flying sofa?) gets a ride on a trailer …

… and leaves an empty bivouac behind.

Adios amigos… 😦

One thought on “Leaving the Dakar rally 2014. Goodbye!

    rctoymemories said:
    2014/01/12 at 01:45

    Thank you for the detailed and interesting updates Annie. Just watched the piece about your Polaris on Eurosport, and how you were approaching the rally steady and consistent to ensure a good finish – but then an oil hose ended it all! So sorry to hear that.

    Better luck next year. Maybe the fact that only a small mechanical problem ended your rally is actually a good thing (better than having a huge problem), and you can fix it for next year.


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