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A big daily newspaper and a magazine’s web page:


Svenska Dagbladet
“Feels like shit, we are so disappointed to quit the race. Reason for withdrawal: engine breakdown.”


Teknikens värld 2014-01-09 /web page/
The World of Technique
“Punctures have been a common problem for many competitiors this year, also för Annie. But what brought her and Garry down was a leaking oil hose. It caused a major damage in the engine and the mechanics had not enough time to fix it before next start. It is not allowed to change the engine in cars like in bikes.
This is the first time ever that Annie must abandon a race, this was her 6th participation in Dakar. The team had reached pos 74 in total when finishing stage 4 and was among the top in the SSV class.” (opens in new tab)

VIDEO, stage 4
By Marily Trincavelli Schwander “Mujeres Tuercas”, a friend and fan –

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