Tough race – good equipment

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annie-equipment-dakar2014_520x670General feelings and thoughts about the importance of personal equipment:

I’m very content with my Simpson neck protection, just great! Stabilizing when reading the roadbook, I get no neck ache. I put it on before race start and won’t take it off until finished the stage, regardless what I must do in between.
Garry has as an ordinary type of neck guard; no good, he says – it fits badly, difficult to to take on and off when working with the car.

I have two Sabelt overalls from LM Motorsport. After the feshy stage that smeared everything it was nice to have a clean overall, while the service team washes the dirty.
     * The photo: last day sunbathing, then I’m two weeks fully covered by the overall during rally. 


The Bell helmet from G Partners is awsome, keeps all dust out.
And everybody thinks it 
looks really good! So true… 😉

I’m very greatful to all my sponsors.


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