Dakar2014 pre-rally press

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In the sports Dakar edition of La Capital, main newspaper.



Page content detail:

The return of the Princess.
The Desert Princess comes back to Dakar. Having done over five rallies on bike now she will ride a car, a Polaris, as copilot with Australian Garry Connell, who makes his debut.

Expressen 2014-01-04 (swe)

“No Dakar rally, no life”
Diseases, accidents or injuries – nothing scares Annie away.
First part of the article: Summary of Annies rally history on bike. Now she got this opportunity to be the copilot for Australian Garry Connell. After a test rally recently in Morocco they were ready for Dakar.
Not participating in this rally for a couple of years had made Annie quite frustrated. She needs the kicks of excitement, to feel being alive. Racing in the desert is really tough – the goal is the goal. But in the future Annie would like to drive the car herself.
In the frame: She has never quit any race!
The last part of the article: facts about Dakar through the years, locations and winners etc. Also 50 deaths.



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