Oz Safari: Stage 6 – Rough and hard.

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Nothing easy about today’s stage. Fast and then very technical in rocks altered with winding tight soft sandy trails and deeply rutted creek crossing. My hands, wrists and most of all the right thumb are really aching now, so really just holding on to the bike and wrestling it around tight corners is hard work. I rode accordingly at very moderate pace not to get into trouble, but still dropped it twice in soft sandy creek.

Some had more bad luck… I found a few of my team mates had problems: Sam #10 burt clutch, and team boss Garry #14 had a really bad crash injuring his shoulder and cracking some ribs. Also super starCyril Depres unfortunately hit his foot and chose to withdraw.
By riding consistently every day I have now moved up to 15th general!

Article on Marathonrally.com:
Sweden’s Annie Seel who is Safari’s only female moto competitor is the leading international entrant. She said it had been a long week. “This morning and yesterday also I was in cruise mode, which isn’t too good. I let a couple of guys pass me and then I switched on and started to push. Today we had very good stages. I broke my thumb two years ago and it’s sore again now, and of course I’m tired! I was thinking about it, and it really is a tough seven days,” she said.

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