Oz Safari: Stage 4 – Sandy fun & fast

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This is how every rally day should be – so much fun!

Done some 450 kms of special stage and this was the best track so far… Just my kind of terrain, sandy narrow trails, then winding through bushes and woodland, open fast winding tracks.
Hands were very sore after hanging on to the handlebars all day. Also had an off in a deep rut, twisted handlebars a little but could straighten at service stop.

Now in 20th position overall. It was tough getting there… More challenging days to come. Stage 5 will be a “marathon day” = no service allowed during the entire stage. Note to self: DON’T CRASH!

Article on marathonrally.com:
Annie Seel from Sweden, yesterday unhappy with the stage, arrived with a big smile in her beautiful Scandinavian face. “A day like it should be here, I´m happy about this day, it was again fast, but not only on fence-lines. You have to navigate, then some rocky regions, then the sand. I enjoyed it.”

One thought on “Oz Safari: Stage 4 – Sandy fun & fast

    E-Ticket said:
    2011/09/27 at 22:51

    Go Annie!
    And like you said … don’t crash!

    Stay even, let everyone else crash, and you will move up in the standings. Happy Hunting!



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