Oz Safari: Stage 1

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The Safari rally has kicked off with a long day. Good riding but very tricky navigation. Made lots of time and positions, starting from 33rd position (due to nav error on prologue).

But the good going ended 25 km from the finish where I ran out of fuel. Very surprised to see there was still some fuel left in the tank! Tried to figure out the fuelsystem of the extra tanks on the Husaberg. Laid it down on the side, lifted the rear, tilted, shaked, but still couldn’t get the fuel. Waited for riders behind to stop and perhaps give me some fuel. First to arrive was #75, but he couldn’t get enough out of his bike. Then #89 arrived and I got 2,5 liters – just about to get me to the finish riding very slow and gently. #89 followed me all the way and ended up towing me on a rope to the bivouack.

Finished 27th today, despite losing about 25-30 minutes on the fuel stop. Would haver been within top 20 otherwise.

Well the race continues, many days to go!

Team Husaberg summary:
Garry Connell had a fantastioc day, came in 10th.
Sam Sunderland hit a kangaroo and crashed through a fence, concussion.

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