High flying test ride in Oz Safari

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Went out for a test ride with Garry Connell and young UK MX star Sam Sunderland (www.SamSunderland.com) to get the feel of the bike.

Sam had already been out the day before, and now shot off like a rocket. I just cruised a nice steady pace until I was launched up in the air, feet over seat… My suspension was way too hard and almost spit me off. Did some 60 km before heading back.

Richie (chief mechanic), Gray (mechanic) and Damien Grabham (rider) all got involved in changing the springs and sorting my suspension out. As I was going out for a test, it started pouring with rain again… Test postponed.

Now prepping for scrutineering, organising safety kit, tool kit, registration papers ect.

Annie Seel - Australasian Safari Rally 2011 - Husaberg 570

Photo by: Ross / Team Husaberg Rallye

2 thoughts on “High flying test ride in Oz Safari

    JD said:
    2011/09/21 at 17:19
    safaritroy said:
    2011/09/21 at 06:36

    Have a great ride in Oz Annie!


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