Results Rally Albania

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Back home from Rally Albania! At last we know how we did – the results are published.
I was 31st, Lelle & Henrik within 50, David & Tony further back because they both missed out one stage. I was doing a perfect race until stage 6, then loosing time and many places when I made a nav error and my clutch stopped working completely.
Well, I had a fantastic time, made many new rally friends – especially “super-fast-quad girl” Zornica Todorova from Bulgaria!

Me and Zornica waiting for the prize-giving ceremony.

Me and Garry Connell (Team Husaberg Australia) at the finish.


Pos 31. 111 ANNIE SEEL, total 11:39:00 (no penalty).
Pos 51. 160 HENRIK RAHM, total 12:35:59 (pen 0:01:50).
Pos 46. 186 LENNART JONSSON, total 12:11:53 (pen 0:01:40).
Pos 81. 234 DAVID PETTERSSON, total 15:55:22 (pen 0:04:50).
Pos 97. 275 TONY JONSSON, total 21:25:33 (pen = 2 maxtimes).

The whole list for moto at Rally Albania

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