Prologue, Rally Albania

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Waiting for start at the beach

11 o’clock start from the podium in centre of Tirana! It was crowded with bikes, quads, and cars on the Mother Theresa Square. When the podium ceremony started, the speaker got all exited and shouted GO GO GO to all riders. No particular starting order, everybody just raced off!

The prologue was a twisty ride on the beach set at 17 kms, but shortened to 1 km because of some Police regulations. While regrouping, we had a quick lunch at a beach restaurant. It was hot so we sat in the shade drinking water and cikes until just minutes before the start.

Same wild starting procedure, GO GO GO. I dont know how they managed to keep timing right, but I got 67th. Lelle Jonsson 71st. Henrik Rahm and David Petterson made some mistakes and dropped down. Our rookie Tony Jonsson managed to make two laps and finished really far down the results.

Short film on YouTube: Prologue Rally Albania

One thought on “Prologue, Rally Albania

    Gusti said:
    2011/06/16 at 14:30

    Hello from Albania

    Mercedes G Albania club here

    We did not take part this year because of some disagreements with organizers
    i think i sow you several times in mother Theresa square and around

    Just got in your website by coincidence

    good luck in your future rallies


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