Here we go! Rally Albania – 4-11 Jun

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Who has been in Albanina? Nobody that I know. So when I heard about this rally I decided it would be a nice experience to explore a country that I probably would never go to otherwise. On TV it looks like a beautiful country when presented on the Eurovision Song Contest, but I have also heard it is a very nice rally.

We are 5 Swedish riders entering the rally:
# 186 Lelle Johnsson – Frihetsbolaget, #234 David Pettersson – Raid Designs, #275 Tony Jonsson, # 160 Henrik Rahm –, and me #111.

See my rally bike, KTM Super Rocket,  ready to rock on YouTube!

RALLY ALBANIA 2011 – official website

Administration in Tirana (Friday 3 June – Saturday 4 June)
In the Parc Ferme’ situated in center of Tirana, the teams will be called for technical scrutiny and administrative checks, followed by an official opening party in the garden of the Rogner Hotel.


Day 1, Prologue Tirana (Sunday June 5)
The first competitive Superspecial stage will be run near Tirana. It will be 12 km of timed track that will establish the starting order and also will be added to the total time.

Day 2, Tirana-Tropoja (Monday June 6)
Stage one, will be a stage through the mountain area of north-east Albania. Mostly gravel, pave’ and forest routes. In some points the route will go over 2000 m above sea level. Navigation will be reasonably easy in this first stage and then some old asphalt connections to Tropoja.

Day 3, Tropoja-Tropoja (Tuesday June 7)
Stage two, is a loop stage, short but technical and surrounded by a breathtaking panoramic mountain terrain.

Day 4, Tropoja-Vlora (Wednesday June 8 )
Stage three, will be the longest and most demanding stage of 2011 edition. Navigation skills, and physical and mental endurance are essential for this stage. Going from the extreme north, through the massive mountains until the muddy and slippery hills of south Albania to finish in the Ionian seaside in the city of Vlora.

Day 5, Vlora-Vlora (Thursday June 9)
Stage four, is again a loop stage. An relaxed stage along the peninsula of Karaburun with gravel paths five meters from the Ionian seaside. Still, some tricks of the terrain are on the menu.

Day 6, Vlora-Tirana (Friday June 10)
Stage five, will return to Tirana again, and will be the most difficult stage regarding navigation. Through lagoons, rivers and some spider-net paths of central Albania; losing concentration is not allowed!

Day 7, Tirana-Tirana (Saturday June 11)
Stage six, is the final stage. Short but everything can happen if rains in the hills and muds around Tirana. Narrow paths, old villages, invisible river beds, mud and dust, will be the landscape of the final rally kilometres…..

Finish ceremony
After nearly 1500 km of route, more than 900 km comprising timed sections, competitors will be invited to a prize-giving show in the center of Tirana, and then to a party organized Saturday night.

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