Enduro Tuscany

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Now down in Tuscany visiting my rally friend Richard Kaye for a couple of days and riding some enduro trails around the mountains. We were six bikers from Sweden having fantastic but tough riding  – specially on friday when some snow and rain hit us when we tried crossing an over-snowed mountain  pass.

If you want to do it yourself… be prepared to sweat! 

This is Jocke crossing a river.

Micke & Patrik dressed for success!


2 thoughts on “Enduro Tuscany

    Annie responded:
    2011/05/03 at 11:15

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for reading my blog during the year… Great to hear you will go desert racing, I wish you all the best! You are welcome to use my stuff and link, I’d be happy if you did!


    lisa said:
    2011/04/28 at 03:22

    Hey annie – sounds like alot of fun to ride in Tuscany.
    I love it that you keep up with your posts throughout the year… super cool.

    I am starting my blog and goal of riding in heroes legend 2012.

    Is it ok with you if I put video or photos of you and dakar racing stuff on my blog?

    I have been following you for a while… Have fun, you deserve that sun!!!
    Lisa Levy (aka Natasha)


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