S7. Poisoned by food!

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Stage 7 became a night mare. Annie used her last powers to ride to the bivouaq. She had high fever and her stomache felt really bad. She has now a medical dropper and gets antibiotics for the food poisoning.  The doctors will decide in the morning if she can go on with the race.

Many other participants also got food poisoned, all from the dakar catering. How is this kind of safety?

Another problem this day was that the clutch broke already in the beginnig of the stage. Riding in the difficult terrain without a clutch made the strain even worse. No wonder she lost much time.  She finished the stage as number 90, last lady this time. Tina Meier followed Annie on the connection to the bivouac where she went to the doctor.

One good thing was that this stage’s specials were shortened by a half. There were two of them planned, in total some 600 km, but only one part of 273 km was run. This because many contestants had arrived very late from the 6th stage before rest day that they there was not much time for rest at all.


6 thoughts on “S7. Poisoned by food!

    EnduroJoel said:
    2011/01/10 at 23:40

    It shouldn’t be easy in Dakar, but this test was unexpected i guess. Get well and get into the top 20. I know you can do it.
    Reg. EnduroJoel


    Morris said:
    2011/01/10 at 21:04


    Give Tina Meier a hug from all of us @ Morris Motorcycles Racing Team for being a good sport and a true image of The Dakar Spirit!

    And then kiss and force feed Annie from us as well!



    Gustaf-Wilhelm Hellstedt said:
    2011/01/10 at 21:00

    Be strong Annie! You, if anyone in the world, can fight this!! You are the tuffest, stongest person I know – fight!
    Hugs from GWH


    Carola Ölmhagen said:
    2011/01/10 at 20:36

    Stackars, stackars dig! Tur att du är starkare än Pippi Långstrump! Krya på dig!


    Peter Solna said:
    2011/01/10 at 14:15

    Attans va tråkigt, hoppas du får lite dundermedicin så du kan fortsätta!
    Det vore ju för jäv… om du måste bryta!



    Nigel Foote said:
    2011/01/10 at 12:43

    Hang in there, hope you get the go-ahead from the Doc. All the best, Nigel


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